Manu Merin, born in France to Spanish parents, created Forge Adour in Bayonne. It was 1978 and Manu had just completed a solid apprenticeship in wrought-iron craftwork.

This was the time of scrolled balconies, fireguards and companion sets of fireside accessories. As a sideline, the company also manufactured flat top griddles, called planchas, for sports clubs in the Basque Country…

Today, Forge Adour is the leading European manufacturer of planchas both in terms of sheer volume and sales revenue.
With its very strong market presence and substantial range of products, the brand enjoys wide renown. Recognized for its capacity to innovate, Forge Adour focuses on the quality of materials used. The manufacturer equips its products with enameled steel frames. Fired at 850°C, these frames are highly resistant and have an exceptionally long lifespan.
Research and development, product design, marketing strategy and logistics are located in Bayonne.

Emmanuel Merin and Francisco Nieto Merin, respectively the founder’s son and nephew, are at the helm of the company supported by their executive colleagues, Jean Pierre Castel, Olivier Renoux and Samuel Derguy. The strength of Forge Adour lies in the company’s total control over its design, creation, manufacturing and marketing processes.



Adrien Poujol: resp. administratif

Jean-Pierre Castel: directeur administratif et financier

Bruno Abad: resp. service après-vente

Lydie Depaux: administration des ventes

Emmanuel Merin: Président

Samuel Derguy: directeur commercial mag. FA Shop

Jean-Marc Durquety: resp. développement projets

Olivier Renoux: directeur commercial

The 9,000m² factory is situated in Villafranca de Los Barros, in Spain, where the Merin family has its roots. The factory is staffed by a 50-strong team of highly qualified and committed employees who use state-of-the-art machinery to make over 50,000 planchas every year!



Francisco Nieto Merin: Directeur fabrication

Emmanuel Merin: Président

Isabel Nieto Merin: resp. achats

Victor Naranjo dessinateur industriel

Javier Barragan: resp. logistique

José Diaz: technicien développement

Angela Candenas: technicienne qualité

Fransisco Hernandez: resp. fabrication

Maria Hernandez: resp. comptabilité

Juan Pedro Mancera: resp. qualité

Emilio Nieto: resp. commercial Espagne et Portugal

Forge Adour has adopted a new global brand strategy drawing on its technical know-how and full-fledged expertise.
Firmly focused on the future, the company has the resources to match its ambitions. So, it decided to take a fresh look at the plancha by setting up a cooperative venture between its engineering office and outside designers. The new ranges emerging from this close collaboration are modern, contemporary, and even groundbreaking. Forge Adour’s wish is to add a new narrative thread to this story, one that recounts the great expectations of consumers.